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Monnow Rivers Association – Auction 2016

I’m a huge supporter of the Monnow Rivers Association and, as such, I’ve entered an auction lot into this year’s MRA Auction. All proceeds will go to the conservation of these wonderful waters and a huge range of projects, one of the largest being the eradication of Himalayan Balsam. This monumental task has already been achieved within the Honddu catchment. Amazing work I think you’ll agree!

The auction lot will consist of CDC & Elks (3x #14, 3x #16), March Brown/Brook Dun Paraduns (6x #14), Olive Paraduns (3x #16, 3x #18), and Quill-Bodied Shuttlecocks (3x #16, 3x #18). These four simple patterns, in their range of sizes, will allow the angler to cover a wide range of ephemera, trichoptera, and diptera. 

All patterns will utilise the very best materials and hooks; from barbless Partridge of Redditch hooks, Whiting Farms Pro Grade hackles, Nature’s Spirit Deer Hair, highest quality CDC, and Semperfli Nano Silk threads. To view the lot, as well as the huge range of other exciting lots, simply click here.

CDC & Elk
March Brown Paradun
Olive Paradun
Quill-Bodied Shuttlecock

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