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Welcome to the Gareth Lewis Fly Fishing. If you’re interested in brewing a coffee, putting your feet up, and immersing yourself into memories and musings, I welcome you.

Hailing from the base of the beautiful and picturesque Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales, Gareth Lewis is a professionally qualified game angling instructor, ex-river fly fishing guide, and contributor to various UK fly fishing magazines and publications.

Gareth’s fishing is firmly rooted in the world of both small stream tributaries and larger free-stone waters of South Wales (specifically, the rivers Usk, Monnow and Ewenny) and trout are his primary passion. Likewise, Gareth’s fly dressing is matched to suit.

Introduced to fly fishing by his father when he was 10 years old, Gareth caught the fly tying bug a few months later. In 30+ years that followed, Gareth has dressed flies and demonstrated at a range of national shows (British Fly Fair International, Irish Fly Fair, Fly Fest, Welsh Fly Fair, North Wales Country Fair, to name but a few), as well as supporting numerous Fly Dresser’s Guild events and fishing club evenings, and has written for several international publications (Fly Fly Culture Magazine, Fly Fishing & Fly Tying, Trout & Salmon, etc.)

Concerning Mayflies (Ephemera danica) - Monnow Mayfly Variant

For almost ten years, Gareth passionately conveyed knowledge and teaching via guided trips, casting lessons, and event demos, and continues to demonstrate fly dressing patterns and techniques at shows throughout the country.

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