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The Floating Fly

Last year I was invited by Christopher Rownes to contribute to The Floating Fly, a collection of thoughts on dry fly fishing from an amazing and venerable group of dry fly anglers from across the globe. An absolute privilege to be asked to contribute, however, I have a lifetime of work ahead of me to get anywhere near the level of knowledge held by the other contributors.

The Floating Fly, simply put, is a study formed from 11 questions:

  1. Choice of equipment Rods, reels, fly lines, fly floatants, clothes, glasses, and other useful items.
  2. Leader material, build-up, length and knots.
  3. Approach and stealth.
  4. Reading the water.
  5. Casting ability which casts are essential.
  6. Entomology, what should we know.
  7. Rise forms Can they tell us something?
  8. Fly selection, Size, shape, materials, which flies are essential.
  9. Presentation and drifts.
  10. Upstream or downstream?
  11. Fighting fish

As an out and out dry fly and trout addict, working on this contribution was an absolute joy, and I hope you enjoy both my article and the wealth of knowledge on this website.

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