You are currently viewing Fly Culture Podcast – Life, Trout and Fishing with Gareth Lewis (September 2020)

Fly Culture Podcast – Life, Trout and Fishing with Gareth Lewis (September 2020)

What an absolute blast! A real privilege to have been invited back onto the Fly Culture Podcast in September to talk about our respective fishing seasons, as well as to talk about another love in our lives – fishing books.

With more potential/impending COVID-19 lockdowns heading our way this winter (if you aren’t in a local lockdown (as I am) already), or even during the occasions whereby we’re washed-off those high running winter rivers, then a great way to spend our evenings and weekends disconnecting from the tribulations of the daily grind is, for me at least, to unwind with a good fishing book.

Pete and I each run through some of our favourite books, and boy oh boy, I picked up a list of some new reads I need to purchase.

Thanks once again, Pete. It was an absolute pleasure to be back on the show, and I loved chatting about both our time on the water this year, and the books that we return to often.

For those yet to read the Fly Culture magazine or listen to the Fly Culture podcast, both are absolutely fantastic and sum up what fishing means to me. No grip and grins, no ads, simply great images, fantastic writing, and a love for fishing.

Thanks again Pete!

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Fly Culture Podcast - Life, Trout and Fishing Books with Gareth Lewis

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