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Mountain Stream Fishing

My younger, more attractive and rockstar brother recently created this rather nice short film. Granted, all filming was undertaken during the slower months of the season, but I think it sums up early season, higher altitude fishing rather nicely.

All filming, composition, music and editing was completed by Rhys Lewis who, as well as being a full-time musician, also works as a freelance music composer for film, television, and interactive media. He’ll never think it (and grimace if I was to say it), but I think you’ll agree that he’s rather talented.

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The stream we fished is one very close to my heart and it’s one I tend to live on during the trout season. It was Rhys’ intention to capture both the beauty of the place and convey the experience of a day out on a small mountain stream. Fishing these waters isn’t just about catching fish; they provide the angler with solitude and a proverbial oil-change. These places are, in their very essence, food for the soul.

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