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Monnow Rivers Association – Auction 2020

It’s that time year! Yes folks, prepare to feast your eyes on a host of amazing fly fishing goodies. From hosted fly fishing days on a selection of rivers, to rods and reels, and a range of custom-tied flies you’ll not find in the shops. First though, a little background…

The Monnow Rivers Association

All of these wonderful items are, of course, auctioned in aid of the Monnow catchment and, specifically, the folks at the the brilliant Monnow Rivers Association.

Monnow Rivers Association

These are the guys who, through relentless and backbreaking commitment, work to ‘improve the productivity and holding capacity of the river by the creation of increased good habitat for all life stages of the brown trout’. Like many rivers on the Welsh Borders and into the South Wales, the Monnow Rivers Association works to reverse the damage suffered over the last few decades.

Such work is also able to benefit a wide range of other important species, including otters, native crayfish, and water voles.

Remember, the Monnow Rivers Association isn’t a fishing club. It is a group of like minded anglers and individuals who are passionate about the Monnow and her surrounding environment. Thanks to this group, the highly invasive Himalayan Balsam was recently eradicated throughout the entire length of the River Honddu, a project which would not have been successful if not for the funds raised by such auctions.

Visit the Auction

Note, the auction closes at 22:00hrs at Sunday 15th March.

My Auction Lot: Early Season Dry Fly Box (Two Dozen)

Yes, once again I’ve been hounded lovingly asked to provide an auction lot, and I couldn’t be happier to help. This year’s lot comprises two dozen flies for early season beyond, and is presented in a Fulling Mill compartment fly box:

  • 4x Chironomid (Midge) Emerger, size 18
  • 4x Large Dark Olive Emerger, size 16
  • 4x Large Dark Olive Paradun, size 16
  • 4x March Brown CDC Emerger, size 12
  • 4x March Brown Cripple, size 12
  • 4x Snowshoe Rabbit Emerger, size 14

The box will cover all your dry fly needs for the first couple of months of the trout season, and are the very patterns I use in my own fishing on the Usk, Wye, Taff, and indeed, the wonderful Monnow and her tributaries. In all seriousness, it’s an absolute pleasure to be able to help in this small way each year. The Monnow and the MRA are true gems.

All patterns tied using the highest quality materials, including Partridge of Redditch hooks, Semperfli threads, Whiting Farms Genetic Dry Fly hackles, Nature’s Spirit natural dubbings and deer hair, to name but a few. The flies you see below have been pre-tied, and will be shipped to the lucky winner as soon as I receive notification from the Monnow Rivers Association on/after 15th March.

Gareth Lewis - Chironomid Emerger
Chironomid (Midge) Emerger
Gareth Lewis - MB CDC Emerger
March Brown CDC Emerger
Gareth Lewis - March Brown / Large Brook Dun Cripple
March Brown / Large Brook Dun Cripple
Gareth Lewis - Snowshoe Rabbit Emerger
Snowshoe Rabbit Emerger
Gareth Lewis - LDO Emerger
Large Dark Olive Emerger
Gareth Lewis - LDO Paradun
Large Dark Olive Paradun

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