Sacrificials…for the Gods!

I posted a couple of shots of a Czech-style nymph earlier today in the Facebook Partridge Hook Forum and mentioned that I fish sometimes them in conjunction with a ‘heavily weighted point fly’ (the lighter-dressed flies taking up the role of middle and top droppers). The heavier point fly holds the task of ‘depth-charging’, allowing the more lightly-dressed flies to drift a little more naturally. As such, I received a few messages asking what I might use for the point fly as, at the end of the day, I’m already using two nymphs tied on size #10 or #8 Partridge Czech Nymph (CZ) hooks…I mean, how much bigger can we get!?

Here’s a favourite I use often when grayling are tight to the riverbed. Tied on a Partridge of Redditch​ size #10 Czech Nymph (I opt for the standard, thicker gauge for additional weight), with a 5mm tungsten bead and with a section of square lead under-body (which also allows for the creation of a nice taper). I’ve included a photo of the under-body, prior to tying in a length of latex for the body, and a simple thorax of 1) Hends Micro-Flash Dubbing and 2) brown Wapsi Rabbit Dubbing (split thread). Pick out a few fibres from both dubbs, and you have yourself a nice juicy caddis larvae imitation. The pattern simply comes alive when wet.

There are a load of tyers out there who tie this style of pattern with a hell of a lot more beauty than I, but as this specific pattern is used as a sacrificial-style offering, I ensure they’re quick to tie, meaning losing them via hook-ups on the riverbed (and you will!) are a little less heartbreaking.

Hook: Partridge of Redditch Czech Nymph (CZ)
Bead: 5mm Tungsten
Weight: Jan Siman Square Lead Wire
Thread: Semperfli Nano Silk, 30D, white
Body: Latex
Thorax 1 (back): Hends Micro-Flash Dubbing, #48
Thorax 2 (front): Wapsi Rabbit Dubbing, brown (split-thread)

Here is the lightly-dressed Czech-style nymph mentioned above…
Czech Nymph - Lightly Dressed

 The beginnings of the sacrificial, complete with tungsten bead and lead under-body…
Caddis Larvae Sacrificial Nymph - Underbody

…and the finished fly, albeit, dry…
Caddis Larvae Sacrificial Nymph - Dry

…and this is more like it, drenched and buggy looking!
Caddis Larvae Sacrificial Nymph

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