Getting Ready For The New Trout Season? Throw Off The Cobwebs With A Casting Lesson!

Fly Casting Tuition with Gareth Lewis Fly Fishing

That’s right folks, the 2012 trout season is now upon us and the excitement is growing! Things can be a little slow during this colder first month, but temperatures are rising, olives are hatching and, most importantly for the angler, fish are feeding!

If you’ve not been mad lucky enough to venture out during the frosty winter months in the pursuit of grayling, a casting lesson is a great way of blowing away the ‘casting cobwebs’. A golfer will have kept their skills in-check at the driving range; I see no reason why we should treat fishing any differently. A lot of anglers spend the winter filling fly boxes, however, come the new season, if they aren’t able to present the fly accordingly, all those lovely fly patterns won’t mean much.

Whether you have been fishing for zero years or forty years, I’m able to cover all of your single-handed casting requirements, and at a range of locations. Whether you are brand new and would like a grounds-up approach on grass, or whether you are looking to develop your casting skills by adding a new water-borne cast, I’ll be happy to coach you through everything you need to know.

What We Can Learn

As a professionally qualified game angling instructor I am qualified to teach the following range of casts and principles:

  • Generalities of fly casting and overhead casting principles
  • Overhead cast
  • Side-arm cast
  • Casting mechanics, loop formations, and other principles
  • Line management
  • Accuracy casts
  • Single & double hauls
  • Distance casts
  • Slack-Line casts:
    • Aerial mends
    • Reach cast
    • Wiggle cast
    • Pile cast
  • Belgian/Oval/Hans Gerberstroiter cast
  • Change of direction casts
  • Roll cast
  • Roll cast pick-up
  • Jump roll/Switch cast
  • Single spey
  • Double spey


  • One to One Casting Lessons – £30.00 per hour
  • Groups of Two Casting Lessons – £45.00 per hour

All prices include rod and reel where required. Lesson venue is dependant on the client’s requirements.

For full Terms & Conditions, click here.

To read more visit the Fly Casting Tuition page or, to book a lesson, simply click the below ‘Book a Casting Lesson’ button. Alternatively, if you’d like to have a chat regarding any aspect of a casting lesson, please don’t hesitate to give me a call on 07540 813 399.

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About Gareth Lewis

Hailing from the base of the beautiful and picturesque Brecon Beacons National Park, South Wales, Gareth Lewis is a qualified Professional Game Angling Instructor specialising in small stream and river fly fishing techniques for both wild trout and grayling, and provides guided fishing trips, fly casting tuition, and high quality fly tying services. Read More >>
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