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MTAA Annual Presentation Night

Last Wednesday evening saw Merthyr Tydfil Angling Association’s Annual Presentation Night take place, which sees winners of the previous year’s fishing competitions (both junior and senior, game and coarse, river and stillwater) presented with their respective trophies. A fantastic event, and great to see so many skilled youngsters smiling like crazy over a trophy which they’ve worked so hard to obtain.

To start the night off, myself and a fellow MTAA Committee member decided to run things a little differently this year, and thought to run one fly tying demonstration each during the course of the evening. Gavin Jehu, encompassing a wealth of both stillwater and river fly fishing knowledge and techniques, presented a range of traditional stillwater patterns such as Bumbles and Coch-y-Bonddus, while I began the evening event with a presentation and demonstration of patterns which would successfully imitate the lifecycle of the midge (through pupa, emerger, and adult). As regular readers of FFISW will know, the majority of my tying is done on sub #20 hooks, however the camera we’d employed for the evening had a little trouble focussing on these tiny hooks (as most cameras would), forcing me to use size #18 hooks and larger. Large midges by any stretch of the imagination, but they did the job.

A successful evening, and I believe our demos were enjoyed by all; this style of event has also opened a few doors in regards to future fly tying events for the club. A fantastic evening!

The full range of photos from the evening can be seen by clicking here or, for more information on the Merthyr Tydfil Angling Association, please feel free to visit their website at www.mtaa.co.uk.

Gavin Jehu presents his range of stillwater patterns…
MTAA Presentation Night - Gavin Jehu presents...

One of the impressive trophies…
MTAA Presentation Night - Trophies

Lifecycle No.1 – The Sub-Surface Imitation – My ‘Ascending Midge Pupa’.
MTAA Presentation Night - My own Ascending Midge Pupa

Lifecycle No.2 – The Emerger – Rim’s Semblance (RS2). Exclude the tails and you have a great midge emerger pattern; an emerging nymph if you include them.
MTAA Presentation Night - Tan Rims Semblance/RS2

Lifecycle No.3 – The Adult – A fantastic midge cluster imitation, the Griffith’s Gnat.
MTAA Presentation Night - Griffiths Gnat

Gwent Angling Society Fly Tying Demo

Tying duties don’t stop there, however, as you’ll be able to join me and a host of other tiers at the Gwent Angling Society Fly Tying Demo on Sunday 6th March 2011 at 12:00 noon, and hosted at Ponthir Village Hall, Caerleon (near Newport). £10 entry gets you 5 hours of fantastic tying and a hog-roast lunch, with all monies collected going back into the enhancement of the Gwent Angling Society. Additional extras include a bar and raffle.

If you are planning to attend, live nearby, or are just passing, feel free to stop by my table and say hi! If you’re interested in micro-patterns and midges, patterns for small streams, improving your fly casting or fishing techniques, or anything in particular, feel free to pop by for a chat.

For more information on the Gwent Angling Society, please feel free to visit their website at www.gwentanglingsociety.co.uk.

Gwent Angling Fly Tying Demo 2011

New Casting Instruction Venues & More Assessments!

Sunday saw a visit to a new venue which will act as my home water for all clients wishing to visit me for casting lessons; and may serve well as a future ‘Fishing Skills’ venue. Fantastic for all skill levels, spey casts (as, for these techniques, water is better than grass), and perfect for whenever the rivers are out of action and a client requires a casting lesson at short notice.

In order to offer my clients as a high a level of service as possible, I have recently decided to further my instructional abilities by working towards becoming a GAIA Mentor, after which, I will be able to train other like-minded anglers who are interested in becoming instructors themselves (either due to an interest in bettering their casting skills, or due to an interest in pursuing a career in game angling instruction). More news on this soon, however, if you are interested in becoming an instructor yourself, please feel free to email me via the Contact page and I’ll be back to you as soon as possible.

I have also bitten the bullet and decided to take on the next level of my instructional learning – the Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructor award (APGAI), and which is the highest of GAIA‘s casting accreditation (not to be confused with the organisation AAPGAI). Sunday’s visit to the new venue quickly turned into a further acquaintance with the APGAI syllabus…meaning the ‘Journey To Assessment’ starts all over again!

A cloudy sight, but perfect for casting instruction at any time of the year or when the rivers are in full spate…
Casting Instruction Venues in South Wales

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